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Breeze Power Generation: Harnessing Gentle Winds for Clean Energy

With societal development, energy consumption rises, and the energy supply-demand contradiction grows. China prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection. Vertical axis wind turbines harness wind energy, achieving 24/7, 360-degree exposure for clean electricity generation.

China, with a population of 1.4 billion, is developing long-term sustainable energy strategies in line with Chinese characteristics. These strategies aim to address the increasing energy demand while prioritizing environmental protection.

Electricity is one of the indispensable energy sources for social development and human life. Breeze power generation, as a new type of clean energy equipment, is entering the national vision.Breeze power generation mainly uses vertical axis wind turbines, which can convert wind power into electrical energy in a breeze environment and achieve all-weather, 360-degree wind exposure.

Compared with traditional wind turbines, vertical axis generators can start when the wind speed is 1.3 meters/second.They offer numerous advantages, including noise-free and pollution-free operation, low operating costs, ease of construction, small footprint, wide applicability, seamless integration into industries, low investment requirements, and high power generation efficiency.

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1. Principles and characteristics of breeze power generation

Breeze power generation is a novel technology that harnesses gentle breezes to generate electricity. It offers several advantages over traditional wind power equipment, such as increased flexibility, reduced installation and maintenance costs, and the ability to be installed in compact spaces.The characteristics of breeze power generation are as follows:

1. Strong adaptability: Breeze power generation can operate in different environmental conditions. Breeze generators can be used to generate electricity in both urban and rural areas.

2. High flexibility: Breeze generators can be installed as needed and can be installed on roofs, walls, trees, etc. without taking up too much land space.

3. Low maintenance costs: Breeze power generation equipment is small in size and has relatively low maintenance costs, which can save a certain amount of maintenance and repair costs.

2. Breeze power generation equipment

Breeze power generation equipment is mainly divided into two parts: micro wind turbines and breeze generators. The micro wind wheel is the core part of the micro power generation equipment.

It uses wind energy to drive the rotor to rotate, and the rotor drives the breeze generator to complete the process of electrical energy conversion.

The breeze generator converts the mechanical energy of the micro wind wheel into electrical energy to provide power support for household or industrial power.

3. Application scenarios of breeze power generation

Breeze power generation can be applied in many areas, such as rural areas, urban areas, outdoor camping, emergency backup power, etc. In rural areas, breeze power generation can provide lighting, communication and power support for remote rural areas .

In urban areas, breeze power generation can provide reliable power guarantee for residential areas, commercial areas, and industrial areas;in outdoor camping or emergency backup power situations, breeze power generation Power generation can provide reliable power support to meet people’s living and working needs.

On August 15, 2023, the 12 MW distributed micro-wind power project in Hanoi, Vietnam was officially connected to the grid as one of the first key projects in Luoyang City.

The scale of this grid connection is 120 kilowatts. As one of the first micro-wind power grid-connected projects, this grid-connected power generation can obtain 540,000 kWh of green and clean electricity per year, which can reduce carbon emissions by 538 tons.

Future Prospects and Development of the Micro Wind Power Generation Market

At the same time, it will lead and demonstrate the development of the green wind power industry in the region and the country. function to help achieve the “double carbon” goal.The micro-wind power generation market has promising prospects and huge potential for future development.

With the development of technology, the power and efficiency of wind turbines will continue to improve to better meet the needs of consumers.At the same time, the government’s incentive policies will continue to support the development of the wind power market. All in all, the micro wind power generation market is a promising market worthy of our investment and development.

In summary, breeze power generation is an emerging mini wind power generation technology. It has the advantages of strong adaptability, high flexibility, and low maintenance costs. It can be applied in different scenarios to provide reliable power for people’s lives and work. Power support.


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