Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine MODEL: M6 1KW-5KW


• Low starting wind speed, small size, and beautiful
•Use humanized flange installation design for easy installation
and maintenance:
•The aluminum alloy body and wind turbine blades are made of
nylon fiber material, with optimized aerodynamic exterior color
design and structural design. The starting wind speed is low,
the wind energy utilization coefficient is high, and the annual
power generation is increased:
•The generator adopts a patented permanent magnet rotor AC
generator with a special rotor design, effectively reducing the
positive torque of the generator, which is only 1/3 of that of a
regular motor. At the same time, the wind turbine and
generator have better matching characteristics, ensuring the
reliability of unit operation.


  • Efficiency: Horizontal-axis wind turbines can concentrate airflow and increase airflow speed, and their efficiency is much higher than that of vertical-axis wind turbines.
  • Maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of horizontal-axis wind turbines is relatively low because their mechanical structure is relatively simple, which facilitates the installation, maintenance and overhaul of the equipment.
  • Payback period: Horizontal-axis wind turbines have the advantages of high efficiency and economy, and their payback period is relatively short.
  • Application scope: Due to their low cost, horizontal-axis wind turbines are very popular in areas with abundant wind resources in Africa.
Rated power1KW2KW3KW5KW
Maximum powerl.2KW2.5KW3.5KW5.5W
Rated voltage12V/24V12V/24V12V/24V12V/24V
Start-up wind speed2.5m/s2.5m/s2.5m/s2.5m/s
Rated wind speed11m/s11m/s11m/s11m/s
Survival wind speed45m/s45m/s45m/s45m/s
Number of blades3/5 pieces
Blade materialnylon fiber
Body materialaluminium alloy
Generatorthree phase AC permanent magnet generator/maglev generator
Control systemelectromagnetic brake
Yaw modeautomatic windward angle
Lubrication modeself lubrication
Tower formguyed tower/independent tower
Working temperature-40°C-80°C

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