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With more than ten years of experience in the new energy industry, we have an in-depth understanding of market trends, customer preferences and technological advancements. This experience enables us to provide superior products and tailor-made solutions to meet different needs.

We believe in the power of personalization. Our dedicated team works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences. From design customization to functional features, we offer a personalized approach to ensure each product truly reflects the client’s vision and brand image.

Global Express Delivery Service for Your Products

Our efficient, dependable, and cost-effective express delivery service ensures your customized products reach any destination worldwide.

Competitive Pricing: Benefit from our extensive shipping volume, reducing your customized product shipping expenses with our competitive rates.

Trust and Reliability: Rely on us as your trusted shipping partner. In case of lost parcels, we’ll assist you in recovering shipping fees and product costs.

Swift and Dependable Delivery: Utilizing our International Courier services, we can deliver products weighing under 500kg right to your doorstep in just 3-5 days for most countries and regions, ensuring fast and efficient delivery for your customized equipment.

The Process to Work with Us

Provide Requirements

Provide product requirements and customization details.

Design Confirmation

Confirm product design and specification details.

Sample Production

Produce samples and confirm quality.


Production Processing

Carry out batch production and processing.

Delivery Service

Provide timely delivery and customer service.

Submit Your Sourcing Request

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