Vertical Axis Wind Turbine MODEL: RED LANTERN 100W-1KW


• The use of nylon glass fiber has better flexibility, better solve the blade falling off, breaking, flying out and other problems.
• Noise based on the principle of aircraft wing horizontal plane rotation and blade design, reduce the noise to the natural environment can not be measured horizontal wind resistance horizontal rotation design principle makes it less affected by wind pressure, can resist super typhoon due to its different design structure and operating principle, its turning radius is smaller than other forms of wind power generation.
• Save space and improve efficiency. The starting wind speed is lower than that of other forms of wind turbines, the rise of power generation is gentle, and the stability is good.
• The use of wind speed range using a special control principle, the suitable operating wind speed range is expanded to 2.5 ~ 25m/s, in the maximum use of wind resources at the same time to obtain greater total power generation, improve the economy of wind power equipment. The brake blade itself has speed protection and can be configured with mechanical manual and electronic automatic braking.


  • Product Applications:
  • Homes and Remote Cabins: Wind turbines can be used to generate electricity for homes and remote cabins that are not connected to the main grid.
  • Telecommunication Towers: Wind turbines are often mounted on telecommunication towers to power communications equipment.
  • Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems: Wind turbines can be integrated into hybrid renewable energy systems along with solar panels.
  • Monitoring Stations: Wind turbines are suitable for powering remote monitoring stations located in areas with limited grid access.
  • Water Pumping: Wind turbines can be used to power water pumps in rural or off-grid areas.
Rated power100W200W1000W2000W
Maximum power150W250W1500W2500W
Rated voltage12V/24V12V/24V12V/24V12V/24V
Start-up wind speed2 m/s2 m/s2 m/s2 m/s
Rated wind speed12m/s12m/s12m/s12m/s
Cut-in wind speed 2.5m/s2.5m/s2.5m/s2.5m/s
Number of blades4/5 pieces
Body materialnylon fiber
Generatorthree phase AC permanent magnet generator/maglev generator
Control systemelectromagnetic brake
Yaw modeautomatic windward angle 
Lubrication modeself lubrication
Tower formguyed tower/independent tower
Working temperature-40°C-80C

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