Elege Initial Stage

In 2011, the founder of Elege Corporation entered the wire harness industry, starting as an ordinary foreign trade salesman and gradually accumulating a certain amount of wealth over four years.

In 2015, the founder embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and established the Wire Harness Company. Leveraging extensive industry experience and product quality, the company achieved a turnover of 3 million by 2017, realizing their first major success in life.

Elege Development Stage

Elege Corporation recognized the strong growth potential of the domestic new energy industry and began its transformation in 2019. Company expanded its business scope by investing in wind turbine, inverter, and controller factories.

In 2020, Elege Corporation collaborated with domestic lithium battery factories, forming a new approach to product sales, primarily focusing on wind turbine systems and wind-solar hybrid systems. These products gained widespread recognition among overseas users as soon as they were introduced and are currently exported to over 70 countries. Elege Corporation has provided reliable power solutions by meeting the electricity needs of numerous households, farms, coastal areas, deserts, grasslands, and other regions.

Wind Turbine Factory
wind turbine factory

Elege Expansion Stage

With the increasing market demand, Elege Corporation achieved significant performance growth in 2022, reaching an annual sales revenue of $10 million through a multi-channel strategy.

This strategy included collaborations with Alibaba, promotion on social media platforms, and participation in international exhibitions.

Elege Future Outlook

 As of today in 2023, Elege Corporation has established itself as a leading player in the domestic market for small-scale off-grid wind power systems and wind-solar hybrid off-grid systems.

In the future, our company will utilize its technical expertise in the renewable energy industry to bring more innovation to the market. Through high-quality products and services, we aim to generate greater profits for our partners while also making a collective effort to protect the environment.

Lithium Battery Factory



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