Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Model: EV 500W-2KW


• Rich colors, the blade can be white, orange, yellow, blue
green, mixed colors, and any other colors.
• A variety of voltage options, 3-phase AC output, suitable for 12V, 24V, 48V battery
• Integrated blade design, to ensure higher rotational stability, low noise.
• Coreless generator means lower starting torque, lower starting wind speed, longer service life.
• Speed limit protection, no matter how high the wind speed, the speed is kept below 300, which can prevent the controller from overload. Complete set of fasteners and installation tools are included in the package.
• Long service life, the turbine can work 10-15 years under non-normal natural environment.


  • Low starting wind speed: Vertical axis wind turbines have a low starting wind speed. They can use breeze or fluctuating wind to generate electricity, which improves energy efficiency.
  • Main market is Europe: Europe is one of the main markets for vertical axis wind turbines. This vertical axis wind turbine has very good sales in this market.
  • Low noise: Vertical axis wind turbines have lower noise. They are more suitable for use in areas where noise pollution needs to be reduced, such as around residential areas, schools and hospitals.
  • Supplementary power generation with solar system: This generator is often used in conjunction with a solar system as its supplementary power generation source.


Rated power500W800W1000W2000W
Maximum power550W850W1500W2500W
Rated voltage12V/24V12V/24V24V/48V24V/48V
Start-up wind speed1.3 m/s1.3 m/s1.3 m/s1.3 m/s
Rated wind speed10m/s10m/s11m/s11m/s
Cut-in wind speed 2.5m/s2.5m/s3m/s3m/s
Number of blades2 pieces
Body materialglass/basalt
GeneratorThree phase permanent magnet suspension motor
Control systemElectromagnet
Yaw modeautomatic windward angle 
Lubrication modeself lubrication
Tower formguyed tower/independent tower
Working temperature-25~+45°C

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