Small wind turbine off-grid systems are widely used in remote mountain areas, islands, desert areas, rural and rural areas for agricultural irrigation, agricultural machinery, small industrial fields, water pumps, greenhouses, fish farms, fishing boats, tourism, camping, remote monitoring sites, communications equipment and radio transmitters to provide power support, Helping people to meet the demand for electricity and production has provided great convenience

Which Technologies Can Change The Power Output Of A Wind Turbine?

  • Improve the design of the blade, so that it can better capture wind energy.
  • The use of advanced materials can improve the performance and power output of wind turbines.
  • The use of variable speed system to convert the rotating wind wheel into power output, improve the efficiency of the variable speed system
  • Wind turbines can use multi-level control strategies to achieve the best power output.
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How To Configure A 5kw Off-Grid Wind Turbine Scheme?

Wind power system 5KW 96V off-grid system configuration components and functions:

  • 5kw 96v horizontal wind turbine
  • 5kw 96v to 48v mppt controller
  • 5kw 48v input off grid inverter
  • 4*12v 200ah Gel Battery/Or choose 48v 200ah lithium battery
  • Wind power cable 100 meters
  •  Wind generator: The system uses a 5 kW wind generator, which is able to convert wind energy into direct current energy. It has an output voltage of 96 volts.
  • Controller: The system is equipped with an MPPT step-down controller with an input voltage of 96 volts and an output voltage of 48 volts to adapt to the operating voltage of the wind turbine and battery pack.
  • Inverter: The inverter of the system has an input voltage of 48 volts and an adjustable output voltage of 110 volts or 220 volts. The main function of the inverter is to convert the direct current provided by the wind generator and battery pack into alternating current to meet the needs of the home or grid connection.
  • Lead-acid batteries: Four 12v200ah lead-acid batteries were used for energy storage and to provide power supply when needed to meet household electricity needs.
  • Lithium battery product features: high energy density, long service life, fast charging ability, low self-discharge rate


Three phase ac permanent magnet generator/Maglev generators

Permanent magnet synchronous generator, wind energy to electric energy higher efficiency, lower loss, self-adjust the direction with the wind. The aluminum alloy shell is light in weight and has strong stability.

Working Temperature

Nylon fiber, Normal operation at -40–80 degrees, Don’t worry about the blade freezing crack caused by too low temperature or the deformation of the blade due to too high temperature

316 stainless steel Anti-loose Bolts

316 stainless steel Anti-loose Bolts Corrosion resistant and longer service


It adopts beautiful and user-friendly flange connection installation design, which is more firm and safe..

Upgrade double bearings

Double bearings make the fan run more smoothly, avoid jitter, and greatly improve the power generation efficiency of the fan

What Are The Design Methods And Characteristics Of Small Wind Turbines?

  • Small wind turbines are usually designed for decentralized or off-grid applications, characterized by small size and low output power.
  • Small wind turbines often feature innovative aerodynamic designs to maximize their power output.
  • Small wind turbines can be divided into two main types according to their rotation axis: vertical axis and horizontal axis.
  • Small wind turbines can be designed to operate in grid-connected or off-grid systems.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Wind Turbines?

  • Before choosing to install a wind turbine, it is crucial to carry out a wind resource assessment.
  • Terrain and environmental conditions have an important impact on the performance and safety of wind turbines.
  • Regularly check and clean the wind wheel, check the electrical connection, lubricating the gear box, etc., to ensure the reliability and safety of the system.
  • Install and fix wind turbines correctly, ensure the stability of towers and foundations, and take appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Ensure that the output of wind turbines matches the needs of the grid and complies with grid specifications and requirements to ensure a stable power supply and safe operation.


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I'm thrilled to share my experience with the 5kW horizontal axis wind turbine system I purchased in Abuja, Nigeria, back in May 2022. In our region, where the average wind speed hovers around 5m/s, I initially had some concerns about whether the system would meet my electricity needs. However, I'm delighted to report that it has exceeded all of my expectations. The installation process went incredibly smoothly, and ELEGE team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and skill throughout. Their efficiency ensured the system's seamless operation. After several months of use, It consistently generates electricity, whether the wind is low or high, and even with an average speed of 5m/s, it has consistently powered my home, meeting all of my electricity needs. I commend the system's reliability and stability. It performs admirably in various weather conditions, be it during scorching summers or windy seasons, maintaining a steady and efficient operation.

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