Home wind power off-grid system solutions

What are the precautions for a home 5kw wind power system solution?

Selection and venue preparation

Choosing a venue with abundant wind resources and unobstructed objects generally requires an empty space of more than 15 meters.

Ensure that the geological conditions of the site are stable and can withstand the weight of the wind turbine.

Evaluate the local wind speed distribution and seasonal changes, and choose the appropriate fan model.

Wind power unit selection

According to the expected annual power generation demand, choose the appropriate 5KW -class air power generation unit.

Consider the speed, blade length, noise and other indicators of the generator to ensure that the use requirements are met.

Attach importance to the reliability and maintenance of the generator.


Tower design and installation

According to the weighing and size of the fan, design a suitable tower structure to ensure safety.

The height of the tower is generally 15-20 meters to make full use of high-altitude wind resources.

The foundation of the tower needs to be dug and poured concrete to ensure firmness and stability.


Power System Integration

Select a qualified charging controller and inverter to ensure the safety of battery charging discharge.

The selection and laying of cable line should pay attention to measures such as lightning protection and moisture -proof.

Plan the layout of the power system reasonably and facilitate later maintenance management.


Energy storage system design

According to the expected electricity needs, the deep -loop battery pack is reasonably configured.

The installation location of the battery pack should be avoided in direct sunlight and humid environment.

Check the battery status regularly and replace the aging battery in time.


Safety protection measures

Ensure that the lightning protection ground system of the tower and generator is perfect.

Set up a safe protection railing to prevent personnel from contacting high -pressure areas.

Formulate emergency plans and make preparations for fault maintenance and maintenance.


System debugging and acceptance

Complete the installation and commissioning of the entire system to ensure the coordination of each component.

Professional institutions are invited to conduct system acceptance and performance testing.

Formulate detailed user use and maintenance manuals.


Operation and maintenance management

Establish a regular inspection and maintenance mechanism to ensure long -term stable operation of the system.

Monitor and analyze running data, discover and process abnormal conditions in time.

Do a good job of spare parts reserves and emergency plans to ensure that the fault repair is timely.



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