Micro Wind Turbine: Material Selection and Design Considerations

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Micro Wind Turbine, as an environmentally friendly and energy-saving source of electricity, have gradually attracted people’s attention in recent years. Compared with large wind turbines, small wind turbines also present some unique characteristics in material selection and design.

wind turbine
wind turbine

Material selection for Micro Wind Turbine:

Due to size and power limitations, small wind turbines need to consider lightweight, strength and durability in material selection to ensure their efficient operation and long-term use.


Blades are one of the most important components of small wind turbines and directly affect power generation efficiency.


As the most common material, fiberglass has the advantages of being light, strong, and low-cost. It can withstand wind and provide good strength and durability.


When used in combination with fiberglass, it can enhance strength and durability and improve corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber:

Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than fiberglass, but more expensive. It is usually used in high-performance small wind turbines to improve power generation efficiency and reduce noise.


A traditional material, cheap, but not as strong and durable as fiberglass or carbon fiber, more suitable for low-power small wind turbines.
Tower: The tower needs to withstand wind loads and support the entire wind turbine.


The most commonly used material, high strength, reasonable price, can meet the needs of most small wind turbines.

Aluminum alloy:

Lighter than steel, but more expensive, mainly used in small wind turbines to reduce weight and improve efficiency.


A traditional material, cheap, but not as strong and durable as steel or aluminum alloy, more suitable for low-power small wind turbines, or as an auxiliary support structure.


The nacelle needs to protect the internal components and provide the necessary space.


Strong and durable, can provide good protection, but heavy.

Aluminum alloy:

Lighter than steel, more expensive, but not as strong and corrosion-resistant as steel.


Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, but not as strong as steel or aluminum alloy, usually used for auxiliary structures or shells.

Other components:

Other components, such as bearings, gears, controllers, etc., also need to select the right materials to ensure their reliable performance and coordination with the overall design.

Considerations for material selection of small wind turbines:


Material cost is an important factor affecting the overall cost of small wind turbines. Cost-effective materials need to be selected to control costs and improve return on investment.

Strength and durability:

Materials that can withstand wind, vibration and severe weather conditions need to be selected to ensure safe and reliable operation of wind turbines.


Lightweight materials can reduce costs and improve power generation efficiency.

Corrosion resistance:

Materials that can resist rain, salt spray and ultraviolet radiation need to be selected to extend the service life of wind turbines.

Design considerations for small wind turbines:

In addition to material selection, the design of small wind turbines also needs to consider the following factors:

Wind resources:

The appropriate blade size and shape need to be selected according to the local wind resource conditions to maximize the use of wind energy.

Noise control:

Measures need to be taken to reduce the operating noise of wind turbines to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

Installation and maintenance:

The installation and maintenance convenience of wind turbines needs to be considered to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

In summary

The material selection and design of small wind turbines need to take into account various factors to ensure their safe, reliable, efficient and economical operation. In the future, with the continuous development of material science and manufacturing technology, small wind turbines will have more lightweight, strong, durable and efficient material selection and design solutions, contributing more to the development of sustainable energy.

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