Industrial and Commercial energy storage Introduction(1)

Industrial and commercial energy storage

Energy storage systems in the industrial and commercial sectors are technologies that store electricity when it is needed and release it when it is needed.

Peak regulation

It is to transfer excess electricity from places with little electricity to areas with insufficient power. Because electricity cannot be stored on a large scale, it is generally necessary to use as much electricity as is generated.

When the power generation of a region is constant, and the power here is not used up, it is necessary to transfer the excess power to the power shortage area through dispatch, or is the common pumped storage.

Frequency modulation

In China, the diverse range of electrical appliances can impact the power grid frequency during startup, requiring frequency modulation to enhance power quality.

A set of energy storage system mainly includes battery, PCS, BMS, EMS, temperature control and fire protection.

PCS(Power Conversion System)

Realize the power conversion between the grid and the battery, and monitor and manage the exchange process. It can control the charging and discharging process of the battery, carry out AC/DC transformation, and directly supply AC load in the case of no power grid. PCS is composed of DC/AC bidirectional converter, control unit, etc.

BMS(Battery Management System)

It is mainly used for battery pack monitoring, calculation, communication and protection. It mainly consists of battery management chip, analog front end, embedded microprocessor, and embedded software.

EMS(Energy Management System)

It can realize real-time monitoring and intelligent management of all equipment in the system. Realize data collection, storage, processing, upload, operation control, operation strategy formulation, and so on, and carry out overall information-based monitoring and management.

“MW” is the unit of PCS

It refers to the power that can be input or output for a given electrochemical energy storage device under certain time conditions. The units are W, kW, MW, GW, and the conversion ratio is 1:1000.

MWh is a unit of battery capacity

It refers to the amount of electricity released by the battery under certain conditions, and is also one of the important performance indicators to measure the performance of the battery. The units are Wh, kWh, MWh, GWh, TWh, and the conversion ratio is 1:1000.

DoD (Depth of Discharge)

It is used to describe the degree of battery capacity utilization in the charging and discharging process of the energy storage system. Indicates the percentage of the discharged battery capacity relative to the total battery capacity.

The smaller the number, the shallower the discharge. For example, a battery with a 5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) charge and a maximum allowable discharge of 4 KWH would discharge at 80% depth.

Four major revenue sources of industrial and commercial energy storage:

(1) Peak cutting and valley filling:

the use of peak-valley electricity price difference, charging in the valley and peace period, discharge in the peak period and peak period, reduce the cost of enterprise electricity. (More than 90% of current revenue source)

(2) Balance demand electricity charge:

the energy storage system can cut the peak and fill the valley, eliminate the peak load, smooth the power curve, and reduce demand electricity charge.

(3) Dynamic capacity increase:

Installing a matching energy storage system can reduce the load on transformers by storing and discharging energy during peak periods. This reduces the cost of expanding transformer capacity.

(4) demand-side response:

With an energy storage system, customers can avoid power rationing and high electricity charges during demand response periods. They can participate in demand response transactions through the energy storage system and earn additional compensation fees.


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